Leading from the front

Stuart Metcalfe

Stuart has over thirty years experience of working with people in corporate and commercial business (thirty years of experience, not one year of experience repeated thirty times!). He has worked in senior management and c-suite roles at international brands, understanding the customer relationship journey across regional, national and continental borders.

Stuart has an elaborate understanding of what it takes to operate a business with monetary challenges and competing stakeholder demands, and the specific challenges that brings for everyone in organisation. With a track record of delivering outstanding financial results and returns for all stakeholders, Stuart understands that business performance comes through the effort of people.

Our philosophy

Using his many years of experience of coaching and mentoring in business, Stuart unlocks the potential of the individuals who work with him. The fundamental idea of Stuart’s approach is that individuals make the difference, and better managers make better decisions that deliver better financial returns.

Stuart passionately believes in the advantages of team performance, and that one and one working together can equal four.

Our insight

Stuart brings his extensive business skills and knowledge together to coach and mentor key individuals and teams, to enable them to contend with the numerous challenges faced in business today. He supports them in identifying opportunities they may not have yet found and assists in developing methods to attain success.

Additionally, Stuart couples the vital interpersonal skills involved in coaching and mentoring with process management, to offer mediation services to individuals and businesses. Practitioners and users recognise the advantages of mediation across wide areas of human and corporate disputes, difficulties, and conflicts, in order to achieve satisfactory resolution without the need for legal cost and intervention.

Henley Business School alumni

During his time at Henley, qualifying from the Professional Certificate in Coaching programme, Stuart forged close working relationships with a number of coaches who possessed similar values to himself.

A group of six of those coaches went on to form a working associate group. This group helps to design, build and deliver tailored coaching and mentoring programmes across senior organisations.

"Working with you last year was one of the best investments I could have made in my career. Your firm but gentle guidance, professionalism and level of confidentiality were highly appreciated..."

"Stuart helped me look at my issue from a different perspective which was very helpful..."

"I like the way that Stuart uses direct, sometimes challenging questions..."

"Stuart is good at giving me his full attention and I feel he tunes into me and my issues quickly..."

"Stuart has a great skill at questioning and exploring that helps me see things differently and unlock different options to try..."

"Stuart has helped me to identify what my purpose is, and also how to find and set clear goals, both short and long term to achieve that..."

"Stuart introduced the concept of the ‘options tree’ to broaden our discussion and I found it a helpful technique to get me where I needed to be, without knowing..."

"Thank you Stuart - you tread the line between chastising and advising with the skill of a mountain lion..."

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