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You can either have one year of experience repeated twenty times and be frustrated that nothing seems to change, or you can have twenty years of experience where you actively seek feedback and reflect on it to determine a way to adapt your behaviour. Some people call it 'constant learning', and in my view it's what truly unlocks your performance...


Improve professional performance through coaching and mentoring.

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Providing non-executive director and advisory services.

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Encouraging participants to resolve conflicts through informal mediation.

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"Working with you last year was one of the best investments I could have made in my career. Your firm but gentle guidance, professionalism and level of confidentiality were highly appreciated..."

"Stuart helped me look at my issue from a different perspective which was very helpful..."

"I like the way that Stuart uses direct, sometimes challenging questions..."

"Stuart is good at giving me his full attention and I feel he tunes into me and my issues quickly..."

"Stuart has a great skill at questioning and exploring that helps me see things differently and unlock different options to try..."

"Stuart has helped me to identify what my purpose is, and also how to find and set clear goals, both short and long term to achieve that..."

"Stuart introduced the concept of the ‘options tree’ to broaden our discussion and I found it a helpful technique to get me where I needed to be, without knowing..."

"Thank you Stuart - you tread the line between chastising and advising with the skill of a mountain lion..."

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